26 July 2023

Cars - Sunglasses and Cinema?

In my latest blog post, "Cars - Sunglasses and Cinema?", I delve into the fascinating intersection of automotive design, eyewear, and film. I explore how iconic cars in movies often influence popular sunglasses styles, creating a unique blend of fashion and film memorabilia. Additionally, I discuss how sunglasses are often used in cinema to enhance character development and mood. The post also touches on how car design can be influenced by popular cinema. It's a fascinating read for anyone interested in cars, fashion, or film.

23 July 2023

What movie destroyed the most cars?

If you're a car enthusiast, you'll be surprised to know that the movie "A Good Day to Die Hard" holds the record for destroying the most cars. This intense action film left a whopping 132 vehicles in ruins! The movie's director, John Moore, revealed that they smashed up about $11 million worth of cars. What's even more shocking is that the production had a massive stock of 518 cars that were meant to get banged up during filming. You could say it was a truly explosive spectacle for car lovers!