3 August 2023
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Breaking Barriers with Speed

Alright folks, let's plonk ourselves into the driver's seat of a rather speedy topic today. We all have that internal beast, right? That insatiable desire for quick sprints, the thrill of leaving everyone else in the dust, the raw power of velocity. Now, imagine that in your daily life, you hold the power to travel at superhuman speed, zipping through cities and landscapes faster than a blink. Just like Sparky, my perpetually energized Beagle, whose speed, I swear, rivals that of certain comic book superheroes when it's time for dinner. That's the thought for today on our trip down "Super Speedsters?" lane. We'll slather on some interesting facts like butter on hot toast and delve into monstrous details. So, buckle up, grab a cuppa, and get ready for this wild ride!

The Science of Speed

Super speed, in theory, might seem pretty straightforward. More speed equals more win, yeah? Well, as Ol’ Newton would add, it's not as simple as that. Speed, acceleration, force, inertia - they all play a pivotal role in this symphony of thrills. Even comic book superheroes follow the same laws of physics (most of the time). They would have to expend an unheard amount of energy to reach such speeds. And what happens to their bodies at those excessive speeds? How do they handle the violent winds, extreme temperatures, and not just disintegrate into a brilliant puff of spectacle? Gosh, I'm glad our daily commutes aren’t plagued with such peril!

Super Speedsters in Folklore

While we're on a galloping imagination horse named 'Super Speed', how about a journey down memory lane? A jaunt through cultural folk tales. You see, our fascination with speed isn't a recent development. Ancient Greek folklore speaks of Hermes, the messenger god who could zip around faster than you could say 'Zeus'. Or what about our very own Aboriginal tales? The brisk Kangaroo is said to outrun even the flames of a wildfire. And this isn't just fiction or folklore. The Kangaroo's fast, bouncing gait is pure fact! As an Aussie, I'm rather proud of our high-speed hopper.

Speed & Pop Culture

Turn the clock forward a few millennia and here we are, still fascinated by speed. Only now, it's not the gods we write about, but superheroes. What's with pop culture and speediness? From the Marvel's Quicksilver to DC's Flash, supper speedsters have always had a special place in our hearts (and comic shelves). You might start to wonder - why are we so fascinated by speed? Perhaps, it yearns for our inherent desire to escape, to break from the ordinary, to cross the boundaries and limits of our existence. How metaphoric!

How Fast is Super Fast?

Speaking of speedsters in Pop Culture, how fast are we talking here? Let's look at the Flash, for instance. He's known to outrun a teleporter, an action that's supposed to be instant! But how does this translate into real-world figures? The Flash is said to reach up to 13 trillion times the speed of light. Yes, folks, that's faster than light itself! Call Einstein, we've found a loophole! Now, don't ask me how he does that, because I barely comprehend the massive figure, let alone the physics behind it. Call me when we talk about Sparky dodging rain at the sight of a bath, now that's speed I understand!

Super Speed and Time Travel

Ah, the age-old trope of using super speed to time travel. The Flash does it, Superman’s flown fast enough around the Earth to reverse time. But how would that work in real, non-comic book science? It boils down to Einstein's theory of relativity. According to it, as speed increases, time slows down. Still, the idea of sprinting to the past or the future is purely theoretical right now, no matter how many protein shakes and gym sessions you sweat through. But who knows? Maybe some future generation might whip out their sneakers and blitz into the next century!

Becoming a Speedster - Is it Possible?

This is the golden query, isn't it? Can we mere mortals break the barriers of velocity? Could we ever hope to become real-world speedsters? On a physiological level, humans have limitations, bones that can break, tissues that can tear. We're designed for endurance more than speed. But who knows what lies in the realm of human potential? Scientists are exploring genetic mutations, cybernetic enhancements, and more. Someday, you might lace up your sneakers and outstrip the wind. Until then, do like Sparky and me. Enjoy every quick run through the park, every zippy fetch session. After all, super speed or not, life’s about living every moment, fast or slow!

Jarrett Kincaid

Jarrett Kincaid

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